PGSS Web Design

In Spring 2020, I volunteered as a web designer at Precious Gems Supportive Service. PGSS is a non-profit organization that provides grief, loss, and transition support within underserved populations in PA. 


The challenge was, PGSS did not have its own website, and the previous worker has left an unfinished site. This has made people unable to get information about PGSS online.

Designing an informative site for PGSS - a non-profit that provides emotional support within underserved populations




March - April 2020

Web Design

Content Strategy




Me and a WP developer



The new site has been created with Home, About, Work, Contact, and Donate pages. The site is informative and used the organization's purple color.


The challenge was that PGSS did not have its own website, and the former staff left an unfinished site, which makes it hard for people to get information about PGSS on the online platform.

The Unfinished Site

  • Not enough information provided

  • Kids keep clicking on the lollipop decorations because they thought it is buttons 

  • Not enough pictures on pages

  • Service/Contact/Donate page not created

  • Incosistent background color

A personal opinion on the old site is, the design does not match the company's service. Because PGSS is a supportive service org, I believed we could use more pictures about "people", "love", and "Connections" instead of simply putting a few lollipops on it. 


After speaking with the client, I understand that she wants to have a simple purple color theme website to display those:

  • home page (including company profile and service intro, and some image gallery),

  • About us with detailed discriptions

  • Service details (existing services and past works, and some services in the future),

  • Donation information and contact us.


I created these simple wireframes to determine the general location of the page and information.



I created this website with the Ocean theme. I did not use a lot of plugins due to the purpose of the site is to simply display information. Later on, a developer added some code to it to make it even more responsible.


This is a very interesting project! And it was my first time I've done a website for a counseling-related organization. I've always thought that mental health is a very critical topic for all of us. When I was doing the "service" section, I even hoped that if I could meet this company earlier when I was little and struggled with some mental difficulty due to family problems. Although I have successfully come out of some of the sadness in my childhood, I still hope to have such an organization to care for more children and teenagers.


I received very good reviews from the clients. This work not only gave me the opportunity to practice design and WordPress skills, but also let me learn a lot of content strategy skills. It was an enjoyable project!