Bizfundi Accessibility & UI Design

In Spring 2020, I volunteered at IESC-Bizfundi as an accessibility researcher and UI designer. Bizfundi is a web and mobile application that allows entrepreneurs across Tanzania to easily identify and connect with a range of business advisors and business service providers to improve their performance and grow their businesses. 


However, users and clients have reported challenges during registration and finding information due to the inaccessible website design.

Generating an Accessibility Report & Re-Design the UI for Bizfundi Website




June - July 2019

Accessibility Research

UI Design





I Generated an Accessibility Evaluation Report refer to WCAG 2.0, and I designed a brand new interface for the Bizfundi site for a more professional looking web platform

​Besides, I also designed the mobile screens of the Bizfundi App regard to provided information.


The challenge was to redesign the Bizfundi web application to improve the usability of the platform while making it user-friendly and more professional looking.


Along with improving the overall platform, my goal is to focus on addressing the accessibility issue of the site.



I created a report of evaluation regard requirements on WCAG 2.0. The report addressed the following stakeholders: web developers, graphic artists, UX designers, the content team, the information architects, and the business development team. The web accessibility evaluation tool I used for the assessment is called WAVE, available at

The assessment items include website propose, structure, interaction, wayfinding, presentation, language, and media.


I believe by having a clear purpose, solid structure, easy interaction, helpful wayfinding, clear presentation, plain language, and accessible media, will help the BizFundi site become perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust (WCAG 2.0).

You can view some screenshots from the assessment below or take a look of the full report.

As an organization for small businesses in Tanzania, BizFundi’s website is designed to make sure entrepreneurs can easily identify, review, and negotiate with advisors and companies that provide business strategic and operational support services. Therefore, the usability of this website plays a huge role in the process of business.


My overall accessibility recommendations are:

  • Improve on the layouts and interactive elements to make clear and neat user interfaces

  • Improve the use of languages to reach more audience

  • Reduce errors on alt texts problems

  • Provide transcripts for accessible Media

  • Conduct usability tests, or gather survey feedback to future improve the website

Website UI

After the client views my report, the client let me "play freely" on design. So I generated a redesigned Bizfundi web application that is more professional looking and aligns with a business advisor company focus.

Mobile UI

I received very good reviews from the clients about web research and design, so he let me "play freely" again on the Mobile one!



I enjoyed working on this redesign project with the ENGINE/iESC nonprofit. I spent time doing accessibility research and creating UI, where I improved on the main functions of the app to be easy to use for new entrepreneurs and those experienced.


I made the UI design more professional, familiar with financial applications, and still representative of the bizfundi brand.